About Us

In 1884, Manual Kambourian left his native land of Armenia and came to the United States to pursue his dreams. In 1896 he opened a wholesale business in New York, founded our firm M. Kambourian, and started importing handmade rugs.

In 1906, Manual Kambourian left New York and came to Richmond, Virginia opening a store downtown. Manual decided to import rugs exclusively and brought to our region a family business that would span over three centuries.

Manual's son, John Kambourian continued the traditions of value and service that made his family business a success. In the mid 1960s John built a new rug store at 13 W. Grace St. in Richmond's downtown. However, he would only enjoy operating his business from this new storefront for a few years before his death in 1968.

John's son, Jerry Kambourian fondly remembers the buying trips he went on with his father. He learned very early to appreciate the skill and craftsmanship involved in making rugs and to cherish their beauty. He also learned how to satisfy his customers with the right product at the right price. Under his management M. Kambourian Sons, Inc. would grow to many times its original size.

Today, Kambourian Rugs is run by fourth generation Mark Kambourian. The family takes great pride in their business and the fact that their business has become a rich part of Richmond's history.

Knowledge and experience that has been passed down for a hundred years makes Kambourian Rugs not only a source for oriental rugs, but also a great source of knowledge.